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Peter’s Wish

Peter Pirie (aged 10) has multiply-relapsed leukaemia, which he has been battling for seven years. His prognosis is poor. Peter also has Downs Syndrome. He has a passion for husky dogs and made a wish to see and cuddle a husky and go on a sled ride. Christchurch-based Husky Rescue NZ was asked if there was any way the wish could be made to come true…..This video shows the result!

(by Husky Rescue NZ)

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Peter’s Wish from Kelvin Yong on Vimeo.

Peter Pirie, space ranger - a super boy - wish to cuddle a husky and go for a sled ride. With the help of Husky Rescue NZ organising the whole event and members of Canterbury Sled Dog Club (especially big thank you to Iain Salisbury of Alaskan Malamute Club Inc.), Peter’s wish finally came true!

Even Peter’s mom, Bridget Pirie had a go on a single-dog scooter!

It was a great weekend and everyone had a wonderful time.

Peter, you brought us all so much joy and life with your energetic charisma. We hope you will remember this day for many nights still to come!

Kia Kaha.

- Peter Pirie, space ranger: facebook.com/PeterPirieSpaceRanger
- Husky Rescue NZ: facebook.com/pages/Husky-Rescue-NZ/165959353493478
- Canterbury Sled Dog Club: facebook.com/pages/Canterbury-Sled-Dog-Club/134901439898285
- Alaskan Malamute Club Inc.: facebook.com/malamuteclub

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